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Terms & Conditions

  • CANCELLATION POLICY : All Riding Schools have a cancellation policy which has been introduced due to the number of ‘NO SHOWS’ at lessons. If you telephone to cancel a lesson 24 Hours before the time of the lesson you will not lose your initial deposit.  If you do not telephone to cancel or telephone giving 24 hours notice your lesson your deposit will be forfeited and you will be asked to pay it again at your next lesson.  We do not refund deposits you should use the deposit up on your last lesson.
  • When you arrive at Holly Tree please observe the Parking Signs in the Car Park trying not to block other clients in.  Unfortunately we cannot allow Dogs on the Yard.  We are a busy stable Yard so horses are moving around the yard and equipment is in use, which is subject to Health and Safety. 
  • Children who are not riding are welcome, however they are your responsibility so please keep them under your supervision at all times.
  • All new clients are required to complete a new client form and to pay a deposit which will be forfeited if you do not follow the cancellation policy.  This is in line with all businesses and Riding Schools due to the number of 'no shows'.  You will be asked to pay a deposit again on your next lesson if it has been forfeited.
  • Payment may be made by Cash, Visa, MasterCard; we regret we do not accept Cheques.  
  • Ponies/horses are allocated for lessons on the basis of client size, ability and risk.  Variety of Horses/Ponies in the lessons is part of learning to ride.  We are able to reserve a Horse/Pony for you at 24 hours notice and subject to an additional £10 charge per lesson.
  • With the exception of children who are joining a Lead Rein Group, if your wish to join a Group then  your first lesson must be a private lesson in order to an assess your ability and decide the best Group Lesson for you to join.
  • Holly Tree hold Public Liability Insurance but we suggest you may want additional Insurance and want to take out your own insurance policy.
  • There is a viewing gallery with seating please use this area in you want to watch the lesson.  Please do not stand in front of the Arena Doors to watch the lessons this is a Health and Safety requirement.  Our horses are all well behaved but can be startled by loud noises, children shouting who are no in the lesson so please supervise children who are not in the lesson
  • There is a disabled toilet on site.  Our toilet facilities use a septic tank and we ask the tampons and sanitary towels are disposed of in the bin and not down the toilets.
  • Please notify us immediately if you leave or lose anything at the yard.  We will try to find these items and inform you if we do.  Lost Property that is found is kept for one month then disposed of.
  • Teaching you or your child to ride is very important to us.  If you are unhappy with any aspect of the lesson please tell us before you leave site so we can discuss and resolve any issues with you.We suggest that if you want Group Lessons your first lesson is a Private Lesson where our Instructor can acess which group is best for you to get the maximum out of your lesson.
  • Riding Vouchers are available in books of 10 with one free lesson.  Conditions apply   they are not refundable and all 10 lessons must be booked on purchase and if you fail to turn up for a lesson the normal lesson cancellation policy will apply.

What to Wear

  • Holly Tree provide BSI Standard Hats at a charge of £1 (applicable from 1 January 2016).  If you decide to bring your own hat you must ensure it meets this standard and is marked either PAS015:2011.  You will not be allowed to ride if your hat does not meet this standard.
  • Shoes with a small heal not Wellingtons, Trainers, Wedge Shoes or Ugg Boots because they are not suitable.
  • We recommend lose fitting trousers such as jogging bottom.  Jeans may be worn but they pinch.  Anything that does not cover the whole legs is not suitable such as shorts or cut offs.  The BHS recommend that you should not wear a Hoodie or Jacket with Hood and Holly Tree will enforece that Policy if you arrive with them on you will be asked to remove the them
  • We recommend that you wear gloves
  • We do not have back protectors available for use however for jumping lessons we recommend their use.