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Our Ponies 

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Height: 13.2hh

Breed: Irish Pony

Gender: Gelding

Top little pony, sort very hard to find. Great to give children confidence, great to handle as a first pony.

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Gender: Mare

Fab 1st pony and great for little riders coming off the Lead Rein, only works part time now as she is getting ready to retire.


Height: 13.3hh

Breed: Irish Pony

Gender: Mare

Very easy to ride, loves to jump and XC an absoltue star


Height: 16.2hh

Breed: Thoroughbred

Gender: Gelding

For more experienced riders, very nice to ride, works in an outline and is a fab jumper, used in SJ clinics and competes at shows regularly.

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Height: 14hh

Breed: Irish Pony

Gender: Gelding

Steady sweet pony, loves hacking and doing Lead Rein lessons

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Height: 12.2hh

Breed: New Forest

Gender: Gelding

Top little jumper, used for ambitious little jockeys. Competes at shows reguarley and loves to SJ in clinics, also a fab lead rein pony.

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Height: 15.2hh

Breed: Irish 

Gender: Gelding

Ben is one in a million and absolute legend at Holly Tree. Anybody’s ride, from the most nervous novice to the advanced. Bem will look after all his riders



Height: 14hh

Breed: Irish X Cob

Gender: Mare

Lovely genuine pony to learn on, very straight forward and knows her job, enjoys jumping.

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Height: 12hh

Breed: Section A

Gender: Gelding

Ex show pony, fab little mover. Brilliant Lead Rein pony or for the more advance little riders.



Height: 10hh

Breed: Minituare Shetland

Gender: Gelding

Dude is the Mascot of the yard and the companion out in the field. Dude ocasionally works on the lead Rein for Tiny Tots

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Height: 14.2hh 

Breed: Welsh Section D  

Gender: Mare

Buttons is a great confidence giver and is an ideal pony to loan for a small adult or teenager wanting to improve their riding and have fun



Height: 15hh

Breed: Irish Pony

Gender: Gelding

Cruise is a nice steady horse but also knows how to work correctly. Cruise enjoys doing is dressage lessons and ocasionally jumping clinics. He is fab at looking after the little riders too.


Height: 14.2hh 

Breed: Welsh Section D  X Irish Pony

Gender: Mare

Frankie enjoys dressage lessons and jumping. She reguarley competes at SJ shows and is alwa does very well. She is really lovely to ride & enjoys her job.