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Rehabilitation Livery

If your horse is recuperating from injury or surgery and requires a structured, tailored made care or a return to work programme, Holly Tree Rehabilitation Livery can ensure an optimum recovery and return to fitness. We specialise in care after surgery & admisinstration of first aid and care whilst horses are recovering from injury. We can also help with ridden work and have excellent success rates with horses in all disciplines.

In accordance with the instructions of your veterinary practice, we will develop a programme tailored precisely to the needs of your horse, including any specific, nutritional requirements. All programmes are executed under the supervision of our Yard Manager who will provide you with regular updates on progress, as frequently as you require. We will also liaise with and supervise visits from your veterinary and any other equine professions involved to ensure continuity of care.

Holly Tree can also assist if you require transport to and from your veterinary clinic or hospital, using one of our two horseboxes

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What Our Rehabilitation Livery Includes:

  • Mucking Out
  • Turnout
  • Hard Feed - Morning and evening feed ( specialist supplements not included)
  • Haylage - 3 Haynets per day
  • Changing rugs when necessary
  • Walker
  • Use of washroom with solarium
  • 2 Bales of Quality Shavings a week
  • Attenting Vet, Farrier etc
  • Wash off after being in the field
  • Hand Walking
  • Changing of dressing
  • Administration of Medication
  • Controlled work if required

Livery Cost per Month 550.00

The following services can be provided at an extra cost or built into your Livery Package:

  • Clipping
  • Spruce up (i.e. Plaiting, washing, mane pulling etc)
  • Transport to Vet etc
  • Tack Cleaning Service
  • Extra Haynets or Hard feed
  • Worming