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Carina loves to spend a significant amount of her time training and supporting the up and coming riders of our sport, she has a wealth of experience and knowledge and is a natural teacher, having trained with the worlds top riders such as Olympic Bronze medalist Cian O Connor and world class rider Billy Twomey, this has brought a wealth of knowledge and training techniques she loves to pass on to her students.

Carina loves finding ways to always relate to the clients she is training, she is always very understanding of the riders abilities and hopes to help them reach the goals they are wanting to achieve; weather it be popping round a course of small jumps or competing professionally. Carina is very understanding with the nervous riders, having come back from a serious spinal fracture she knows what nerves feel like and is always very supportive and reassuring.

Being a competitive rider herself Carina knows the feeling of wanting to do well, wanting to train hard and to be dedicated and disciplined to her sport, and always passes this on into her riders she is training. Carina spends at least four days each week coaching, she helps her students to build on their strengths and to work on the areas of they're riding skills that are in need of improvement this combined with an ability to understand each horse is something that her pupils really appreciate and feel at ease with

Carina believes in a strong training program, with a passionate support team filled with continuity and one to one coaching. This really helps bring the best out in horse and rider. 

Carina welcomes those who wish to base themselves at Holly Tee for any period. She can accommodate both the rider and the horses, provide training and arrange the shows in any agreed package.

To have coaching lesson with Carina you must own your own horse/pony or loan one from Holly Tree.